Astech Enviro Systems

Astech Enviro Systems

Mundian, Ludhiana, Punjab

Battery Cutting Machine

Semi Automatic Battery Cutting Machine




Mild Steel


220 V


50 Hz

Surface Treatment

Color Coated

  • It is a Semi-Automatic Battery Cutting Machine of standard capacity 2 MT/hr. Metal Cutting Steel Blades rotating at high speed fitted on base frame structure. Forward movement of batteries against blade/cutting wheels is facilitated with Belt Conveyor mounted on long base frame.
  • Battery is placed on the conveyor. Width and Height of battery need not to be set. It can accommodate Battery up to maximum width of 305 mm and Max Height of 400 mm. Most of Batteries are below this width and height. The Cutting width and height adjustment is motorized. Scale is provided to set the height of cutting from bottom.
  • Conveyor takes the Battery in machine for cutting. During Cutting of Battery dust is confined inside of covers because cutter is enclosed. Normally Cutting is set at sealing line of lid. Max. of Automotive Batteries have approximately same height, say -10 mm.
  • After cutting the battery, plastic box is emptied manually by separating the Lead bearing material, Terminals, grids & separators etc. Subsequent crushing of Plastic Boxes is done in Plastic crusher and all lead bearing material is fed into charge for further smelting. If the batteries are not drained dry, Sulfuric acid has to be drained out manually before sending it for cutting process.
  • This saves exposure of workman from Lead Dust; increases efficiency of organization reduces lead time as well as increases liquidity of Funds.
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