Astech Enviro Systems

Astech Enviro Systems

Mundian, Ludhiana, Punjab

Lead Refining Unit

Lead Refining Unit

Minimum Order Quantity





1250 mm

Air Flow

8000 m3/h

Flange Width

350 mm

Fuel Consumption Range

8-18 kg/liter


Mild Steel

Stirrer Motor Speed

960 RPM

Outlet Valve Size

40 mm


Diesel Fired

Stirrer Motor Power

10.0 HP

Inner Diameter

1200 mm

Outer Shell Diameter

1900 mm

In order to make quality of lead suitable for its different uses, different variations of pot melting processes are employed. These include – “Re-Melting” for removal of slag, Refining Pot for attaining required purity levels and “Alloying” for producing various alloys of lead. The equipments used are the same, the consumables and the processes. The Refining Pot for Lead recycling (or Melting Pot or Alloying Pot, as it is variously called) is a mechanical mixing device with a pot and a heating arrangement. The inner pot is made of heavy MS plate with dish end bottom. It is placed within a jacket of refractory bricks, which in turn, are protected by an outer cover of MS plate with reinforcements. The pot is covered at the top with opening for feeding lead ingots and is provided with an electro – mechanical mixer. At the bottom, a heating source, usually an oil fired burner, is provided to heat the pot and to melt the lead.

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